How Important Is A Bus Infrastructure To Community Growth

esb enterprise service busThere is an increasing interest in the development of towns and cities for our social and economic growth, in what makes them successful and how we can improve their development. Transport systems and the services delivered by buses are essential to this new urban plan.

Our capability to move around shapes where we work and live, where we are educated, how easily we can attend to our healthcare needs, where we shop and how we use our spare time.

Let us now look at how important bus infrastructure is important to community growth.


For any community to experience a high rate of economic growth, the community must be able to provide employment to its people. Increases in bus services has therefore provided job opportunities to locals in various capacities such as drivers and several other staffs who operate in these bus service companies. This has enable them improve their lifestyles and in turn achieved a significant economic growth.

Community Service

Work, Education, and healthcare are important aspects for any community to achieve a significant economic growth. Without any reliable means to access these services, the community might not be able to experience changes over a period of time. Buses and coaches have therefore played a significant role in social cohesion, serving people, particularly those earning low incomes, easily access education, healthcare and work.

They are also often the only transport alternative for many who don’t drive, have disabilities or live in distant areas.

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Business Promotion.

Most communities thrive because of business which directly depend on transport for success. The bus industry has thus provided easy access to and from major towns and cities across the world, allowing effective movement of traders and goods from one point to another. This has enabled many communities to achieve a significant economic growth and development.

bus transportationImproved Road Infrastructure

There can never be proper bus services without the existence of good road networks linking different towns and cities.

The increasing growth of the services in the community has compelled relevant authorities to either expand the existing road networks or construct new roads to accommodate the ever expanding industry.

Increased road networks link different places and allow mass movement of people and goods to and from the towns or cities makes it possible for business to thrive thus resulting to economic growth.

Increased Revenue Collection

Every community relies on revenue to expand its economy. Revenues are used by the authorities to provide quality healthcare, Education, clean water and improvement of mega infrastructures such as roads.

The bus industry has therefore played an important role in increasing the amount of revenue collected in terms of tax paid resulting to a massive growth in the economic sector of many communities.

In order to achieve economic growth in our communities, the role of bus services should be maximized. New rules should also be put in place to ensure that local advisers and decision makers are encouraged to utilize this opportunity.