Ways to Inspect Your Car Before a Road Trip

car inspectionAre you planning to go for a road trip soon? Before you embark on a road trip, it is essential that you check your car to ensure that it is in good condition and running smooth. This will allow you drive safely and avoid any breakdowns or mechanical issues while on your road trip.

As such, you will be free to roll down the windows, turn on the radio and enjoy your favorite music as you enjoy the road trip. Here are a few ways to inspect your car before going for a road trip:

Check the Fluids in Your Car

The overall health of your depends on the fluids inside it. It is therefore important that you check all the fluids in your car to ensure that they are at the right level and are capable of running your car in the best way possible. Some of the fluids that you need to check before getting on the road include engine oil, power steering fluid, coolant antifreeze, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid, and transmission and differential fluids.

If you are not sure of the right levels of these fluids needed for proper functioning of your car, it is important that you visit the nearest garage where the mechanics will check all these fluids and top them up if needed.

Check Your Tires and Air Pressure

Air pressure requirements for your tires are printed on your manual or the car body next to where the driver’s door shut. The maximum pressure for your tires is marked on the side of the tire and must not be exceeded. You should also not forget to check your spare tire pressure. Also check for any visible damage on your tires. If there are any visible damage such as a bulge or puncture, then it is essential that you replace them immediately.car check up

Car Lights

One of the simplest yet essential things you need to check on your car is the lighting system. Some of the things you need to check on your lighting system are:

  • Fog lamps are functioning and visible.
  • Head lights lenses are clear and not faded.
  • Brake lights are functioning and clear.
  • Head light aiming is correct.
  • Park light system is functioning.


Brakes are the most crucial component of the car and if they don’t function properly then you are more likely to get involved in an accident if they fail. Before embarking on your road trip, ensure tha5 your brakes are functioning well. You can do that by having a road test and identify any faults in your brakes.

Once you have inspected the above mentioned components in your car, you are now ready to get on the road. However, it is essential that you ensure that you have all the emergency equipment such as spare tires, screwdrivers, spanners, and puncture repair kits among others.