Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Public Transport

Today, nearly more than a half of the world’s population use free public transport to move from one place to another. Free public transportation brings a lot of benefits to the general public, communities as well as the local economy. However, in this article, we want to look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of free public transportation to the public. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of free public transportation

Advantages of Free Public Transportation

Increased mobility

For those who cannot drive or afford transport fee, free public transportation allows them to get to their destinations with ease without having to engage a friend or perhaps ask for lifts and as such increasing the number of people moving from one place to another and run their errands.

Saves money

Taking free public transportation instead of driving your personal car or perhaps using other paid public transportation help save a lot of money. For those who drive, it helps save money on things like gas, parking fee, maintenance and other expenses. For riders, the amount of money saved on fares can be used to do other things that one could not do due to lack of enough money.

Reduced traffic

Free public transportation bring about a lot of people together in a much less space as compared to personal vehicles therefore helping  in lowering traffic congestion on roads which in turn reduces air pollution as well as idling of vehicles.

Disadvantages of free public transportation


There is no privacy in public transportation. People are crowded in one place and you may not have much personal space. There is nothing that prevents the other person sitting close to you from reading documents on your phone screen or listening to your phone conversations or looking at the contents in your bag.bus service


Most free public transport operates on a set schedule. These schedules may sometime not match with your travel demands and as such cause inconvenience. This can cause serious problems to travelers who ought to arrive in their destination early enough.


There is limited space in most free public transport which makes them very difficult to run certain errands in them. This is a concern especially if you are travelling with young kids who have special needs like strollers or when you are going to a massive shopping adventure which will result to excess luggage when returning home.

Though there are several other advantages and disadvantages of free public transportation, the above-mentioned points mark the major advantages and disadvantages of free public transportation.