Pros And Cons Of Booking A Bus Ride Online

online bus booking

Bus rides are very convenient if you want to travel far locations with a whole bunch of friends.

For convenience, some companies offer bookings a bus ride online services. So, you do not have to come to their physical stores and inquire about their services.

But not all the time you get to have the luxury of the best services. Let us consider some of the pros and cons of booking bus rides online.




  • You do not have to go to their shops and inquire about everything

Since they offer online services, that only proves that all the details about their services are also shown online. You do not need to ask more brochures and more questions because all those details are already there.


  • No hassle

Just prepare your payment method, all your money, and details, then it will all be processed. You could just book a bus ride online while you are sitting down, or sleeping in the bed. You can even book while you are working, cooking, or simply just doing nothing.


  • Choose from a variety of buses

Because it is all online, the choices of the services are all there, you have the luxury of choosing the bus that you want to rent, even if you are just sleeping and lying down on the bed. And if you do not like the bus, then go choose another one!


  • Cancel it anytime

If you were once convinced of availing their services, then later realized that you do not really love it that much. Then you can decide on canceling your service. Again, online services are such an ease, you are booking it online, then you can also cancel it online, anytime, anywhere.

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  • You have not checked the bus personally

The only time you are going to see the bus that you have booked is the time that it has arrived at your doorstep. The time that you are using it. Which means you can’t say no to whatever you have booked! You have already paid for it, all the details are there, what it is waiting for is its passengers.

Then you notice that there is something wrong somewhere, you do not like the seats, sadly cannot do anything about it. That is the dilemma of booking bus rides online, you only get to have the chance to enjoy and feel the service you just availed, on the time you have booked it.

bus ride

  • Rates are usually higher

Booking anything online, its rates are usually higher. Because there are a lot of additional fees that you did not expect of having. Handling fees and all those other fees are going to come without realization.


However, whether you have booked it online or not, for sure you have something great in mind because you are booking a bus ride. You may be alone, or with someone else, or with a group, it does not matter, you always can have fun, no matter what the situation is, and have the luxury to enjoy the ride.

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How Important Is A Bus Infrastructure To Community Growth

esb enterprise service busThere is an increasing interest in the development of towns and cities for our social and economic growth, in what makes them successful and how we can improve their development. Transport systems and the services delivered by buses are essential to this new urban plan.

Our capability to move around shapes where we work and live, where we are educated, how easily we can attend to our healthcare needs, where we shop and how we use our spare time.

Let us now look at how important bus infrastructure is important to community growth.


For any community to experience a high rate of economic growth, the community must be able to provide employment to its people. Increases in bus services has therefore provided job opportunities to locals in various capacities such as drivers and several other staffs who operate in these bus service companies. This has enable them improve their lifestyles and in turn achieved a significant economic growth.

Community Service

Work, Education, and healthcare are important aspects for any community to achieve a significant economic growth. Without any reliable means to access these services, the community might not be able to experience changes over a period of time. Buses and coaches have therefore played a significant role in social cohesion, serving people, particularly those earning low incomes, easily access education, healthcare and work.

They are also often the only transport alternative for many who don’t drive, have disabilities or live in distant areas.

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While we did not give full or tacit approval, so do your own diligent research before buying.

Business Promotion.

Most communities thrive because of business which directly depend on transport for success. The bus industry has thus provided easy access to and from major towns and cities across the world, allowing effective movement of traders and goods from one point to another. This has enabled many communities to achieve a significant economic growth and development.

bus transportationImproved Road Infrastructure

There can never be proper bus services without the existence of good road networks linking different towns and cities.

The increasing growth of the services in the community has compelled relevant authorities to either expand the existing road networks or construct new roads to accommodate the ever expanding industry.

Increased road networks link different places and allow mass movement of people and goods to and from the towns or cities makes it possible for business to thrive thus resulting to economic growth.

Increased Revenue Collection

Every community relies on revenue to expand its economy. Revenues are used by the authorities to provide quality healthcare, Education, clean water and improvement of mega infrastructures such as roads.

The bus industry has therefore played an important role in increasing the amount of revenue collected in terms of tax paid resulting to a massive growth in the economic sector of many communities.

In order to achieve economic growth in our communities, the role of bus services should be maximized. New rules should also be put in place to ensure that local advisers and decision makers are encouraged to utilize this opportunity.

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How To Choose An Ideal Bus Charter For Your Next Road Trip

bus rentalTransportation is a necessity to daily human life. The more reason why you should know how best to choose an ideal bus charter. You might need a bus charter for either a high school trip, sports team transport, family functions like reunion, wedding, funeral, etc., or even senior citizens tour.

You might have other reason why you want a bus charter, but the fact is that, choosing an ideal one could be challenging and it’s a decision that needs to be made by the group leader.

There are lots of companies who render bus charter services. Choosing the best for them could take some difficult task. You will need to compare everyone you come across to select the best.

The most prominent mistake you would make is to call a bus charter company and ask for a quote. By so doing, you could end up with a group with low reputation and performance.

Not putting other factors into consideration could make you settle for an under-performer company with no integrity. Apart from the price factor, other things need vital attention as far as getting a charter bus is a concern.

Other factors include the bus condition, the bus driver’s status, the bus safety, cancellation of a contract, and bus age and maintenance state. Performing this task before payment can save you a lot of hassles during your trip.


Physical Confirmation

You need to carry out physical inspection of the bus. Hence, ask one of the company officials access to inspect the bus they are giving out for your tour.

Some companies display their range of charter buses on their official website for prospective customer to see. Seein it on a site is not a guarantee of getting a good one.

Physical inspection is very vital as it will confirm what is on their website. Check every part of the bus to make sure it’s in excellent condition. Check for extra tires, wheel spanner, windshield, head light, etc.

Concentrate more on the bus condition and not on the age. Also, make sure that the bus is recently serviced and has valid government certification.


charter bus companies near meSatisfied Customers

Another way of finding an ideal bus charter is through satisfied customers. When you come across a bus charter company with a list of happy customers, that should just do fine for you. For firms with a website, go through customers feedback. Also asking for some reference could help too. You can also find out how effective they handle breakdown of buses.

If they belong to any form of professional body or other reputable companies, you should rest assured that any eventuality will be handled with utmost concern and speed. Furthermore, asking about how past incident was handled could help you land a right bus for your tour.


The Driver Status

The driver is a crucial factor in the charter bus experience. Its expected of a bus driver to be friendly, humble and also act professionally. Getting a driver that will fit the group will be an added advantage to your trip. For instance, if the tour is for school kids, try to get a driver who is not irritated with kids rather should be someone who appreciates children being around him/her.




Price is also a crucial factor to examine when choosing an ideal charter bus for your tour. It’s a known fact that many companies struggle with the economy, including bus charter companies.

Make sure to find out if the price is okay by the group. If you are looking for a bus charter company online, make sure you are in direct negotiation with the company and not facilitators. Don’t go for the first you come across. Instead, you should continue with your search until you find a great deal.

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Ways to Inspect Your Car Before a Road Trip

car inspectionAre you planning to go for a road trip soon? Before you embark on a road trip, it is essential that you check your car to ensure that it is in good condition and running smooth. This will allow you drive safely and avoid any breakdowns or mechanical issues while on your road trip.

As such, you will be free to roll down the windows, turn on the radio and enjoy your favorite music as you enjoy the road trip. Here are a few ways to inspect your car before going for a road trip:

Check the Fluids in Your Car

The overall health of your depends on the fluids inside it. It is therefore important that you check all the fluids in your car to ensure that they are at the right level and are capable of running your car in the best way possible. Some of the fluids that you need to check before getting on the road include engine oil, power steering fluid, coolant antifreeze, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid, and transmission and differential fluids.

If you are not sure of the right levels of these fluids needed for proper functioning of your car, it is important that you visit the nearest garage where the mechanics will check all these fluids and top them up if needed.

Check Your Tires and Air Pressure

Air pressure requirements for your tires are printed on your manual or the car body next to where the driver’s door shut. The maximum pressure for your tires is marked on the side of the tire and must not be exceeded. You should also not forget to check your spare tire pressure. Also check for any visible damage on your tires. If there are any visible damage such as a bulge or puncture, then it is essential that you replace them check up

Car Lights

One of the simplest yet essential things you need to check on your car is the lighting system. Some of the things you need to check on your lighting system are:

  • Fog lamps are functioning and visible.
  • Head lights lenses are clear and not faded.
  • Brake lights are functioning and clear.
  • Head light aiming is correct.
  • Park light system is functioning.


Brakes are the most crucial component of the car and if they don’t function properly then you are more likely to get involved in an accident if they fail. Before embarking on your road trip, ensure tha5 your brakes are functioning well. You can do that by having a road test and identify any faults in your brakes.

Once you have inspected the above mentioned components in your car, you are now ready to get on the road. However, it is essential that you ensure that you have all the emergency equipment such as spare tires, screwdrivers, spanners, and puncture repair kits among others.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Public Transport

Today, nearly more than a half of the world’s population use free public transport to move from one place to another. Free public transportation brings a lot of benefits to the general public, communities as well as the local economy. However, in this article, we want to look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of free public transportation to the public. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of free public transportation

Advantages of Free Public Transportation

Increased mobility

For those who cannot drive or afford transport fee, free public transportation allows them to get to their destinations with ease without having to engage a friend or perhaps ask for lifts and as such increasing the number of people moving from one place to another and run their errands.

Saves money

Taking free public transportation instead of driving your personal car or perhaps using other paid public transportation help save a lot of money. For those who drive, it helps save money on things like gas, parking fee, maintenance and other expenses. For riders, the amount of money saved on fares can be used to do other things that one could not do due to lack of enough money.

Reduced traffic

Free public transportation bring about a lot of people together in a much less space as compared to personal vehicles therefore helping  in lowering traffic congestion on roads which in turn reduces air pollution as well as idling of vehicles.

Disadvantages of free public transportation


There is no privacy in public transportation. People are crowded in one place and you may not have much personal space. There is nothing that prevents the other person sitting close to you from reading documents on your phone screen or listening to your phone conversations or looking at the contents in your bag.bus service


Most free public transport operates on a set schedule. These schedules may sometime not match with your travel demands and as such cause inconvenience. This can cause serious problems to travelers who ought to arrive in their destination early enough.


There is limited space in most free public transport which makes them very difficult to run certain errands in them. This is a concern especially if you are travelling with young kids who have special needs like strollers or when you are going to a massive shopping adventure which will result to excess luggage when returning home.

Though there are several other advantages and disadvantages of free public transportation, the above-mentioned points mark the major advantages and disadvantages of free public transportation.

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Benefits of Attending a Driving School

driving classesDriving is a common practice among most people across the globing. With the number of car owners increasing on a daily basis, there is high demand for driving lessons.

Learning to is a requirement by all governments and has been there for decades. The best way to learn how to drive is by enrolling in a driving school. However most people often skip this step and tend to learn how to drive from friend and relatives who own cars.

Just like anything else, learning to drive from driving schools comes with several benefits and drawbacks as well. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the benefits of learning to drive from a driving school. Below are some of the benefits of learning how to drive from a driving school:

Road Rules and Procedures

Today, it is very easy to obtain a driving license irrespective of the knowledge you have about driving and road rules and procedures. Doing an impersonal driving course, which gives you very little access to real vehicle, doing and passing a computerized test at a fee is all you need to get a driving license. Getting on the road can sometimes be accomplished through fraudulent means without possessing the full knowledge of the important safe driving rules. To combat such issues, driving schools teach at almost an individual level to give the best teaching possible about rules and procedures of the roads.

Gain Confidence

Confidence is a common problem that affects most new drivers. New drivers lacking confidence may freeze up or hesitate at a wrong time when trying a situation. Driving schools help new drivers gain the confidence needed for them to be safe without being overbearing on the roads. It doesn’t help to yell at new drivers, especially teens. The best way is to put them on the hands of professional driving instructors at the driving schools.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Today, many new drivers, especially from impersonal training have died through traffic accidents that are preventable. This is the most dangerous time that every new and experienced driver will experience in his or her life. Lack of appropriate safety measures, ignorance of road rules, and overconfidence are the key reasons why these accident happen. However, with driving schools new drivers will learn about all the necessary thing s they need in order to avoid such scenarios and in the process becoming a safe driver.

Availability of Facilities

Most driving schools if not all, offer free pick up facilities and this means you will be picked and dropped at your door step or perhaps at the nearest place to your home. They also have their own cars and as such reducing the risks of damaging your car during training.defensive driving course

Mechanical Knowledge

Most people who undergo impersonal driving lessons have no mechanical knowledge about the cars and cannot do simple things like changing a flat tire. However, with driving school, you will be taught about the basic mechanical knowledge that will help you in case your car stalls.

The advantages of attending a driving school are many that we cannot exhaust them in this single post. If you are interested in driving or you have just bought your new car, the above benefits should be enough to convince to attend driving lessons in driving schools rather than learning how to drive from other hands.


Double-Decker Bus: Reason You Should Have Your Next Party On It

double decker coachDouble-Decker bus can be the last thing on your mind when you think of a party, but it can be a very interesting experience.

It has plenty of room for lots of people and it is mobile – the party doesn’t have to be arranged just in one location – you can choose as many as you want. Why not visit more places around the city and perhaps take more people on board?


Visit the most interesting places in the city

No matter how you imagine a party, a double-decker bus would not let you down. It can be organized like sightseeing with music and food where newcomers can learn a lot about the city they want to live in, seeing new places and meeting new people can certainly be thrilling. There is no better way to make friends than enjoying a party together. Having a nice time is a wonderful catalyst for inspiring conversations and new chances.


Make your party memorable

Imagine getting ready for a party and then just go outside of your house and hop on the bus. That would be great, right? Well, this is not impossible, it can easily be arranged. Having a double-decker bus at your disposal means bigger freedom to decide about the way you want your party to look like.

Besides, gathering a family for celebrating a birthday or a wedding can be much more fun this way. They are comfortable, roomy and equipped with everything you need – it will make your party worth remembering for many years to come.

double decker bus tourOrganizing a whole day of interesting activities and not worrying about looking for a ride every step of the way can be pretty liberating. Arrange everything you need, all the drinks you want and create a route and you are ready to go.

All you need to do is to inform your family and friends about the time the party begins, hear their prepositions about the places they want to see and make one festive day that everyone will enjoy. It will be a pretty interesting and enjoyable ride!


double decker coach

Hire a Double-Decker Bus for Your Event

double decker busIt’s a great idea to keep all event attendees together in a place. To achieve this with absolute success, you would need a double-Decker bus. Hiring a double-Decker bus for the event will spark up lots of fun, and you won’t have to hire more vehicles. This is an excellent idea that lots of your guest will appreciate and everyone will get to see site together on tour.

When you go for a double-Decker bus for your event, note that you are making payment for just a coach and not two. Being a double-Decker bus, you will have enough space for your guest to have fun. The cost of a double-Decker bus is less expensive to have two coaches will also create division. Make sure to check it out before making any monetary commitment.


Fresh Ideas

Obviously, your guest will love this new idea which you have just put up. All they need to do is to keep to be punctual at the agreed meeting point. Whoever is present in this kind of event is sure of having lots of fun with other people around. To avoid going through hassles of picking up, make it a one pick up the event and also a one-stop thing.


It will be cost-effective and less stressful for both the organizers and the guess. If you choose to have more than one pick up location, is your choice. Doing this will increase cost but could be more suitable for your visitors. You can as well talk to the company about hop on and off choices. Other events might be taking place along the route you are touring.

This may warrant people to get off the bus to go catch more fun and get back to the bus quickly to avoid being left behind. Therefore, they need to pay attention to avoid being left behind or make others wait until he/she arrives which could cause delay.


double decker bus tourGather Information

Gather enough information about your trip, like the number of guests, the route to cover, time duration, etc. Remember that, not all roads allows passage of buses. But the provider can assist in getting you the route that will enable buses and also in line with what you want. You also need to discuss the number of people that should be on the bus to avoid overcrowding.

Despite a double-Decker bus ability to occupy many people, there should be a limit to the number of guests to come on board. For everybody to have fun, there is need to avoid over-crowded event, and safety needs to be considered too. It’s advice that a seat is for one person as the expenses will depend on the provider and how long you will be using the bus.

Get all your options together and evaluate diligently. By so doing, you are sure of getting a great bus hire deal for your event tour. Then, create more rooms for more fun ahead on the road and don’t forget to make refreshments available for the guests. Very Important!

Take The Bus To Midnight Madness

midnight madness bus

A long-running tradition in Ames is their Midnight Madness event. Fortunately, the name is a little misleading, the race doesn’t start at midnight, it’s two races and they start at 7:30 and 8:30 and are over long before midnight.

The fact that it’s an event that takes place in the evening makes it unique. Another unique facet of the event is that it’s two races, a 5K and a 10K with a short break in between so you have a chance to recharge before heading out again. Participants can choose to run the 5K, the 10K, or as most do, you can run both.

midnight party busThis year’s event is on July 13th and as has been the case for the past several years, the CVRA is sponsoring a luxury bus for club members to Ames that day. The bus will pick up riders in the Lindale Mall parking lot on the north side of Sears at 4:00 p.m. When you arrive in Ames you’ll register if you haven’t already pre-registered then pick up your race packet. After the race, which will be around 8:00 to 10:00 depending on whether you run the 10K or not, they put on a pasta dinner and beer to help replenish your carbs. During the evening they have a band to entertain the runners and an awards ceremony. Then sometime around 11:30 the bus loads up and heads back to Cedar Rapids where it arrives around 1:30 to 2:00 Sunday morning.

party bus rental detroit bus rental michigan party bus lansing mi

Contact Doug Fishwild at to reserve your seat on the bus. The cost to ride is just $15. Seats are on a first come first serve basis so reserve yours today! If this is going to be your first Midnight Madness experience, the most helpful tip you could get is to bring a change of clothes. After your cool down a set of clean, dry clothes and a pair of sandals will help you relax during the after party and the bus ride home. So if you’re looking for a race that is a little unusual and big on fun, make plans to run in Midnight Madness and leave the driving to us!